Friday, June 23, 2017

New website design coming soon

Watch this space, new website design is on its way soon.

website may go down for a little while but don't panic!

Also have three new finishes to announce as soon as two of them get to their recipients!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Book of Faces

Hi everyone,

I was just thinking how much I post my blog post on my facebook page to let everyone know about my website, but I rarely let you all know that I check in on Facebook often. So I thought I'd give you all my link so you can head on over there and "like" my page. 

Go to my Milly Bee Quilting Facebook page!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Progress: Summer at the Beach

I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with my quilting to-do list, my this-years resolutions to make two quilts and finish another.. 

I can report that I've finished a quilt top, so I'm on my way to my goal! My next one will be the same pattern but a different colour scheme altogether.

Here are some pics showing how this one has progressed!

I used a "Simply Color" Moda Jelly Roll by V & Co, and a Kona Roll Up in "Snow" and have a few of the blocks left over to make a table runner or similar to go with it! Stoked!

Take Care! Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Summer at the Beach .. in winter

Just popping in to make an announcement.

I did some sewing today!

That is all.. you can go back to your lives, hehe

Seriously, when I get some time to sew, it fills me back up.. I get to be in my happy place for a couple of hours (uninterupted), a very rare thing these days, but I'm doing it!

I've got a bit of a Kona/Moda merge going on

This is the Summer at the Beach link here, I've done half of the first strips so far, when it starts to look photo worthy I'll post you another piccie post!

See you then

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Finish! OMGoodness don't faint

Yes it happened, I finished a quilt!
I love it so much on so many levels

It was made for my baby sister who turned 21 today!
Love her to pieces.

I did a couple of borders on this one which is kinda new for me, and being a smaller art quilt I was able to manage it nicely in my domestic straight stitch machine.

It is a raw edge fused then stitched piece. The setting is a photo from my sister's facebook, a skiing holiday to Wanaka here in NZ. The quilting I've done in the borders are quite special to me, it is one of those moments in your journey as a quilter when you step up to the next level. I am one of those people who gets stalled by the feeling that I'm not going to get it perfect so I'd better not try it at all. I've been looking at the wonderful quilting of some of the wonderful people out there, blogs, websites and facebook pages, not to mention pinterest, oh my goodness.. do not let me on there, pinterest sucks the minutes out of your day like a black hole!

The two designs I tried out are from a site called The Inbox Jaunt. I would TOTALLY recommend going to this site and absorbing all her quilty goodness. I'm serious, let the gorgeous free motion designs and wonderfully detailed tutorial images permeate. I chose the leaf and the woodgrain and think they worked super awesome. I marked the lines just like the tute and then jumped right in. Granted my first leaf got a bit out of control, but nothing you'd notice unless you looked closely. The woodgrain was great and I managed to pull off the faux mitred corners.

I did a single fold binding because as an art quilt it would have less handling over its lifetime and I wanted some super sharp corners, something I cannot get with double fold binding. I used mostly jelly roll strips for the binding so they started life as 2 and half inch strips, I used my change colour at the corner method for all four sides, its kinda becoming my "thing" but I seriously only do it if I think its gonna rock my design. 

Enough of the chit chat, here are the piccies, I'm about done for the night, watch this space for a sneaky peek at some Jelly Rolls that just landed on my doorstep!

I've got a shot of my kick ass sewing machine in the first photo! She's so beautiful! To learn more about it check out the review I did for the BadAss Quilters Society 

How many Aurifil Spools does it take to Applique an art quilt?

Organised chaos or birdsnest, you decide.

Auditioning binding colours

In love with the fillers, thank you Lori!

Ta Da!

The original photo

Take care! have a great weekend ahead. (late Thursday night here in NZ!)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I used to worry a lot

If you've followed my blog for a while or read some of  my previous posts, you'll have noticed I'm a little bit of an Eagles fan.. just a wee bit. I often use a picture of Timothy B. Schmidt to distract you all from the fact I don't have any interesting quilting projects to show you at the moment.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Progress report: Eddie

Hi all, this is a picture laiden post for your viewing pleasure.. this is the quilt for my husband, it will be a wall hanging, and is progressing slowly.. here are a few pics to show you where I'm up to.. much much more to go!

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