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Fabric Coasters for Mother's Day

I came across this post yesterday while searching for something easy but cool I could quickly make for the 4 Mothers that would be going to the Mothers Day lunch (today). I knew it would be one of my last minute, "I want to do something crafty that will probably take longer than I thought it would but I really hope it turns out okay" moments..

This turned out to be the score of the century.. it is a great little pattern, really easy.. I had a problem with a funny fabric I had, it works best with plain cotton or non-stretch.

Great for presents, I ended up taking about an hour to make 4.. cutting takes most of the time. Maybe longer if you want to be a bit more finicky. I made 16 in total 4 different designs to suit each Mum.

A good way to spend the afternoon.

Painting: "Going Home"

This is my latest painting I finished it a couple of weeks ago..
It is also my largest painting to date.

This is an acrylic on canvas.. measuring about 800mm wide and 700mm high.

It is based on a photo I took when I visited Western Australia about 2 and a half years ago.
I went back to where I was born in Carnarvon (I was 6 weeks old when my family came back to NZ). We were staying in Monkey Mia, just a little way out of Denham. This photo was taken coming back from Carnarvon on the way to the Monkey Mia resort. I call it "Going Home" because we were nearly at the end of our holiday (most of which we spent in Perth) and although I have some roots in WA, my home is in NZ.

These are some close ups of the painting.

Here I used some pumice and small landscaping pebbles from Bunnings and PVA glued (and coated) them to the cavas before painting over them

This is a close up of the pebbles, I used a couple of shades of grey to bring out the road texture

This is some of the grass along the r…


Well, this is my first post on my first blog so we'l see how it all goes..

I thought I would start by loading up some photos of my paintings/sketches, later on I'l add some photographs I'v taken and when I'm really organised I will have a go at including some of the crafty things I get up to.. quilting and sewing mostly.