I went to my first Auckland Patchwork and Quilters Guild meeting today.. that was fun.. different, but good, I want to try and take Davina along next time.. and see if Jo will be there t0o.. but the next one is not til February..

I took some books out of their library.. it is awesome.. I'll have to do some serious photocopying at work over the next little while.

And it is only $40 to join up, and the ladies are soo lovely, the hostesses with their yellow sash.. how cute is that! they were so excited to see a new face and i never felt like I was not good enough to be there.

I have about 4-5 pairs of pants to take the hem up on before i can continue with the fun stuff.. so i had better get those done tomorrow.

now Stew and I are going to put up our Christmas Tree :) i'l have to start on a Christmas Tree skirt! watch out!