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The birth of a fairy

okay, so I discovered and got lots of photoshop brushes - lots of talent!

and made this:

Ischarm Moon Brushes 001
Vector Mountains By BLazteR
SS-pixies from Obsidiandawn
SS-lace from Obsidiandawn
starbursts from photoshops default "assorted brushes"

My birthday whack 'em

I got a wacom intuos3 from my awesome bf.. loving it (and him) so much, this is the first pic I made on it on Saturday

From this>

To this>

Then this!!>

Oh Christmas Tree...

These were super fun to make, I have had the "Nesting Hexagon" templates for a couple of years but never used them until tonight.. I'm hooked.. check out

Mel's Chicken Pie ... mmm pie

This is my recipe for chicken pie, it can be easily adapted to suit, a great old fashioned, tummy filling, warm you up meal in one.

It is great because practically all of the preparation is done before your guests arrive, so you can spend time with them, not in the kitchen!

Firstly, here are the basic ingredients you'll need before you start

1) Chicken - I prefer chicken breast (white meat). Usually I make this to feed about 5-10 people so I would use anywhere up to 1kg. In this example I have used two large single breasts which came to about 750grams .. but this is not important.. adjust it to suit .. if I was just doing it for two people I would use two smaller single breasts and most likely have enough for two meals (get the idea?!!)

2) Root vegetables (Potato/Kumara/Carrot)- again highly variable, lately I have been increasing the proportion of kumara to potato. Here I have used 3 to 4 potatoes (depending on the size), half a large kumara and 2 carrots.

Then there are the extras/c…

Baby Quilt #2

I just finished making this quilt for Adrian and Sharmila's new baby boy Liam. I posted it off to him yesterday, this one was fun because it has courderoy on it! .. and I discovered a stitch on my sewing machine the really mimics hand sewn blanket stitch for around applique's .. check it out

Dorothy Collard Quilt Challenge 2009

This is my finished entry for the Dorothy Collard Challenge this year..

I'm really pleased with the result, it is the first photo experiment I have done with fabric in this way, but it came out really well.

I will hand it in next Saturday.

Nans 80th Birthday

There has been a lot going on lately, but I think it might (touch Formica) be slowing down.

Last week was my Nans 80th birthday, and I made her a mini quilt and some cushion covers, ... quilted.. with invisible zippers

very,, very big achievement for me

this is how they turned out

Mini Quilt, she has this hanging over the head of her lazy boy

These are the cushions, there are two.. I made them double sided so she can mix and match.

Heat n Bond.. my new second best friend

I have been experimenting with some applique lately and am loving heat n bond an iron on double sided sheet that holds the piece in place until you sew it.. only downside is that it came make the material quite rigid.