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Mel's Chicken Pie ... mmm pie

This is my recipe for chicken pie, it can be easily adapted to suit, a great old fashioned, tummy filling, warm you up meal in one.

It is great because practically all of the preparation is done before your guests arrive, so you can spend time with them, not in the kitchen!

Firstly, here are the basic ingredients you'll need before you start

1) Chicken - I prefer chicken breast (white meat). Usually I make this to feed about 5-10 people so I would use anywhere up to 1kg. In this example I have used two large single breasts which came to about 750grams .. but this is not important.. adjust it to suit .. if I was just doing it for two people I would use two smaller single breasts and most likely have enough for two meals (get the idea?!!)

2) Root vegetables (Potato/Kumara/Carrot)- again highly variable, lately I have been increasing the proportion of kumara to potato. Here I have used 3 to 4 potatoes (depending on the size), half a large kumara and 2 carrots.

Then there are the extras/c…