InkTense on fabric RESULTS

So I did my experiments on the best technique I found using Derwent Inkense colour pencils on cotton fabric!! I purchased mine here

The technique I found is from Helen Stubbings' Colourque and Irena Bluhm's "Quilts of a different color" and from googling a lot of other blogs using these (or similar) techniques.

The green outline is a fabric marker I got from spotlight, you can get them in many colours.

This first one was colouring in with the pencil then using water to activate the inktense pigment. It bled all through, so I would really only use this if i needed to do a wash of colour.

This is the same application with the pencil first then I used Jo Sonja's Textile Medium instead of water to activate the inktense pigment. Much better!! most art supplies stores have this, I got mine at spotlight.

Blend the pencil colours very lightly on the fabric and build it up, then apply the textile medium by dabbing it on in very small amounts, the fabric absorbs the moisture very quickly, its not like a sealed canvas where you can move the colour around with the brush at the last minute.

The textile medium said to iron it to make it permanent but the inktense pencils are "special" and become permanent once activated. So just hang it up to dry completely and I think it would be fine.

And this is my awesome pencil roll holder I made for them.. love it!
Make your own at You Go Girl.
It took a few hours to cut my fabric (figure it all out), then the next day I took another 3hours putting it together.. there is a lot of pinning to get the pencil slots perfect :)
But it is well worth it! I found this fabric which is the spitting image of the fabric in the tutorial, so that was definitely a sign ... had to make it!

So thats it!.. love it, now just have to finish my current projects so I can incorporate it into "something"!!

One last tip, the pencils are pretty expensive, but the art store from the link at the top has pencils individually, so I got a 12pack and 4 single pencils, this was more than enough to get started. Also, any textile/fabric medium will do, but read their instructions first.

Go forth and create!! :)

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