Saved my sanity

This soo saved my sanity!

I machine stiched-in-the-ditch for my latest quilt and there was a lot of starting and stopping to avoid the applique. unfortunately my beloved machine's auto cut cut many of the threads very short, and burying them has proved difficult and frustrating esp when trying to thread a 4-5mm long thread through the eyelet of a needle that is half way inserted into the quilt!

anywho.. found this.. after vowing i'd just cut them all off and not tie them at all, luckily i hadnt. (but it came close).
Although it will still take a couple of "sit down sessions" to fix them up it is much better

(i'm halfway now!! yay).
Update>finished burying threads! now debating whether or not to do more quilting on it before i bind

Thank you to Grace Howes! check her out here: