More gold stars for spotlight

I just got back from Spotlight Manukau, they had a quilters market night.. it was from 6-9, but i only got there at 8pm, completely forgot about it!

what an awesome night none the less.. at first it seemed more just like a sale, but then i got talking to one of the demo ladies who had brought her quilt along for show.. it was done using drunkards path in circles, with the quilt as you go quilting method... now i'd only just last week been looking up on the net various how to's and tutorials to see how to make this, the lady explained everything and i cant wait to use it.. if it all goes well i'll make my own how to, but till then i'll just bide my time till i can give it a go! exiting!

i also purchased some insulated batting for making oven mits, going to try those heart shaped pot holders if i can track down a pattern

watch this space! (my one and only "follower") :)