Thanks Spotlight!

There is one lady at spotlight who always gives you time to explain how to use something or give you a tip. 5 stars!

- put your new material out in the rain.. it makes them damp then lets them dry .. instant pre shrunk fabric..
unfortunately as soon as I got home it stopped raining so I got out my squirty bottle and sprayed the material with water while it was hanging on the line! easier than washing it and ironing the whole thing!

- ironing on interfacing.. i bought that texture weft iron on interfacing for my fairy panel so i can embroider it.. apparently get the best results by setting iron to silk - no steam. covering the panel with the interfacing (glue down of course) then covering with a piece of fabric to protect. Press once over the whole piece.

Then! turn the whole thing over and do a final press.. this makes the glue rise up to the iron and through the panel! good aye! she said it is still best to put a protective piece of fabric over the panel and have the iron no hotter than silk

THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP is to then leave the whole thing where it is to cool down!!! dont move it!!! it makes the whole process take a little longer but it all makes sense, the glue would still be squidgy if it was warm and may pull off the material if you bend it all about before it cools down!

i paid special attn to the corners as they always the first to come off.

It worked great!

Thanks spotlight lady

AND next week is a quilt night at spotlight, i got a $10 voucher free and there are demos and spot prizes !! another 5 stars!!