Free motion quilting for the servent-less

In the middle of Julie and Julia round 2 I've finally built up the courage to have a proper go at free motion quilting on my home sewing machine.

I have a Brother Innovis 400 and have been looking around at some affordable mid-arm straight stitch sewing machines for quilting larger quilts like the Juki TL98P (if I was rich *sigh* cheapest at $1900)

Anyway, there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat, so I found out the meaning of Quilt-as-you-go method from a lady at the Spotlight quilters night. Using this quilting method means that I can machine quilt manageable sized squares and then Quilt-as-I-go to put them together. You can put less of the quilt bulk through the machine at one time. And all on my home sewing machine. Yay for now.

Tonight thanks mostly to Leah Day and her You-Tube videos of machine quilting patterns and pep talks, I had a go.. albeit only two small squares of machine quilting samples. Now, I did try this once before, on a Cinderella cot panel, but just jumped in without really thinking about it properly. Tonight.. I went about it a bit more methodically, they look hideous, all light material with black thread, but I wanted to see what I was doing very clearly.

So, under Leah's instruction I purchased some Machingers (mine are XS and fit perfectly) these are breathable gloves with plastic/rubber fingertips for grip-ability. Magic!

See Leah Days blog and website

I still have to adjust my workspace a little to make it a bit ergonomic, but otherwise this technique will be a welcome addition to the arsenal!

Bon Apetit!