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Small wholecloth

This is technically I guess (not counting the cinderella that i daren't show anyone) the first freemotion quilt i've done.. A lady at work has bought it for a friend of hers.

It was tough.. but fun.. I used the thread from my last post, so it has poly and silk thread in it.. i didnt have much colour choice in my new threads :)

Anyway.. enjoy!

McTavishing!! so fun

Ta Da!

These are a few of my favourite things..

Okay, so now I've gone all free-motion on yo ar$3 I'm all obsessed (who me?) about threads

I'm learning about types of threads and the weights of them etc etc...

so I ordered these three spools from Pine Valley ..

from left to right:
- Superior Threads, Masterpiece 50/2 (extra long egyptian cotton)
- Superior Threads, The Bottom Line 60/2 (polyester)
- YLI Silk Thread

The Masterpiece is lovely, but I felt the the Bottom Line went better in my machine. The YLI was beautiful and the best lustre, BUT it is expensive.. so expensive it is not feasible for most projects but good if you plan to use this type of thread (it is also very slippy when winding a bobbin)

I like the Bottom Line best (top and bottom) unfortunately the Masterpiece had a couple of breaks, but that could have been me not having the tension checked properly.

Watch this space for my next thread purchase.. I aim to have my choice made after my next lot arrives .. hehe


How cool is this!
Check out the lead singer in this:

Then check out her in this:

She is my idol!

Check her out here:

I just received this book:
Mastering the art of McTavishing
Sooo want to try this out this weekend! It has a great dvd with it!

Thats not how I roll

I'm in the middle of attempting these dinner rolls:

I'm hoping they turn out like tom thumbs or something.

will post piccies if they turn out! :)

Yay!! talk about Yum!

This was after the first rise... it has at LEAST doubled in size!

This is after flattening out that thing above, and dividing into 12 rolls

This is after the second rise... in the hot water cupboard also.

about 18mins in oven.. not 20-25 like it said.. but I do like lighter rolls :)

the acid test!! (we did butter them!)
Evidence destroyed... yum..