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Girly craft day :)

So, the boys had a computer day and that left the girls to create! love it..

This is a few patches I created out of the blue, I've seen this style on the internet and in magazines and really liked it.. I think its been brewing in me for a while this one.. so here are a few shots.

these are all done with Aurifil :) that reminds me I have to order some more of the "sort of beige off-white cream" colour for my every day piecing and applique now that I'm getting low on my first aurifil spool! :)

Oh!, and the Hamilton Craft and Quilt Fair is coming up in a couple of weeks so I'm looking forward to that :) will defn post piccies up from that


Meandering NOT Stippling!

This is just a sample from my last baby quilt.. I loved doing this one so much.. it is really a giant stipple which I found out has a name > meandering.. which is kinda cool coming from a geography/geology background.. river morphology etc... :P

This and the loops will defn be my go-to filler for a lil while :)

Did I mention I love Aurifil:

I know what you did last weekend...

This is what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks, just in the evenings.. I finished it off this weekend while spending the whole of Saturday with Dav having a fabulous day sewing.. very much needed!!

so from start to finish, this is the most awesome quilt I've made incorporating "Quilt as you go", Inktense colour pencils, and free motion with Aurifil thread.

The coloured threads are Gutterman, but all the free motion meandering and loops etc on the coloured fabric squared are all Aurifil!! Enjoy :)

p.s. I also made a little tool belt with cows and farms on it for a colleague's little boy but forgot to take a photo.. will get him to take one and post it soon!

a rolling stone...gathers no lint?

A guy at work came to me last week with a couple of rolling stone bandanas (from a concert) his friend gave him.. and a cushion insert. So I found a pillowcase tutorial here which I didn't completely understand but it was enough to get me going.. and here tis.. a much better way to do the pillowslip than my last attempt a while back

Baby Girl

Made over a couple of evenings this last minute "omg it was a girl not a boy moment" comforter came together. It is a moda jelly roll (I think it was called "Birdie"). I'm quite pleased how it turned out, fun and simple backed and bound in polar fleece it is the perfect drag around cuddle up or throw in the bag blankie

Close ups

I quilted as I went!

I just did my first Quilt as you go thing! just my first two connection strip things.. pics to come.. (once gift is given!)

Quilting all done with Aurifil! (little colour outlines with gutterman, but prodominantly Aurifil


You can quilt that out cant you?