I know what you did last weekend...

This is what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks, just in the evenings.. I finished it off this weekend while spending the whole of Saturday with Dav having a fabulous day sewing.. very much needed!!

so from start to finish, this is the most awesome quilt I've made incorporating "Quilt as you go", Inktense colour pencils, and free motion with Aurifil thread.

The coloured threads are Gutterman, but all the free motion meandering and loops etc on the coloured fabric squared are all Aurifil!! Enjoy :)

p.s. I also made a little tool belt with cows and farms on it for a colleague's little boy but forgot to take a photo.. will get him to take one and post it soon!


  1. The Aurifil makes it even more individual - it looks great. Very geographical!!


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