Ask me again tomorrow..

Well,, I *think* I've come full circle, the price of the Vikijanofaff-GrandMegaP doesnt include an extension table, walking foot or any type of free motion foot, and it appears to have problems with the tension if in free motion "mode".. the work around (on various forums) is to use only serger (overlocker) thread in the bobbin all the time when doing free motion..  I dont think so Tim.

So Juki.. you are back in the good books, I've seen that it does seem to have some sort of pre thread tension dial on the front of the machine, the only main thing that  would have to do without is the variable speed control and separate motor'd bobbin winder.. which again on a forum was mentioned to wind so quickly that there really isnt much use, you might as well wait for the bobbin to wind and enjoy the break

Juki can drop the feed dogs out of the way.. which the Vikijanofaff-GrandMegaP does not.. you would have to purchase the free motion kit.. which has 3 free motion feet and a metal feed dog plate to cover them up not drop them out of the way.. apparently the Vikijanofaff-GrandMegaP comes with some sort of plastic feed dog coverer-upper but with out the "free motion kit" is not really set up for free motion.. and then theres the tension thing again.. I dont think I'm willing to chance it even tho have it at about $1350 ish.. (with out the gear to get started on anything except sewing seams.)

Back to Juki.. it is $1950, it comes with everything ready to go, no stuffing about ordering more parts etc.
It has a pretension dial, it seems to be a good machine from a reputable company, and it comes with the right accessories, it looks like it was built to be used for (among other things) quilting, whereas the Vikijanofaff-GrandMegaP seems to have the quilting as an afterthought..

but.. ask me again tomorrow  :)  we'll see what I think about it all then!

btw.. to be very clear about the Vikijanofaff-GrandMegaP:

I asked a supplier what they knew about the Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter, the Janome 1600P and the Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter and this is (hand on heart) what they emailed me back with

"the 3 machines are identical straight sewing machines"

They are the EXACT same machine.. (prices in NZD$)

the Janome is currently on special for $1347
the Pfaff is currently on special for $1460
and the Husqvarna is currently at normal retail for $2399 (!!!!!)

They are the EXACT same machine!!!

There is NO difference except for the coloured plastic and the pictures on the buttons

Janome makes them all..

Thanks for listening to my rant.. this is what I have learned when looking at sewing machines...
- Dont worry about the brand
- Check its history before getting all wound up over its name
- Do your home work and make the best decision you can with the information you have in front of you, even if that decision is to "sleep on it" for a little while longer  :)



  1. Wow, that's really interesting! All made by Janome?! Who knew?! Thanks! Glad you decided on the Brother PQ1500S! :)


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