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Isn't she lovely.. Isn't she wonderful

Isn't she precious, less than one minute old.... 
So here I was, about to begin cleaning my sewing room.. and I saw this fabric I've had for a bazillion years.. took one look at it and could see this lovely lady clear as day in my head...
such potential! so exciting.. maybe some brothers and sisters coming soon hopefully.. After I clean my room!
So here she is  :)  brand new, just emerged... my lovely monster:

GIS Ninja!

I'm not really sure which of my blogs to post this on, so its going on both!

My sister gave me the pattern/kit to me for christmas  *awesome by the way*

so over the past couple of days, this little guy has come about

Check out the other me HERE to see the connection!

ages 8 and up! excellent..
I made a few minor adjustments tho..
- adjustable limbs
- shuriken (ninja stars)
- more undercover mask style

kick ass  :)

Christmas with the Kranks

This is the closest I've been to skipping christmas... I have tried so hard to make time, to get into it.. but its just not happening.. I need a christmas miracle tonight, that all the shops aren't crowded and I can find exactly what I need for the people I need to buy for.. which is everyone!.. we have no tree up and I'm quite close to losing it completely, with a smile on my face of course

Christmas and I have a love hate relationship at the moment.. I love Christmas but I hate expectations.

I would love to spend a day cleaning out my sewing room and organising all my fabrics. Thats all I want for Christmas.

bah humbug

To market, to market...

Davina and I got a spot at crafternoon tea!! Excited! Check it out below!

so amongst sorting out photo albums  and such I'm trying to get things looking decent for Saturday, I need signs and stickers! and lots of things to sell!  :)

this was the last spread at the Manurewa Market , but I "feel like I need something else" maybe something christmassy :) yes, maybe something christmassy.. ooh.. so much to do so little time..

anyone started Christmas shopping??  ... me neither.!