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Meet Dorothy the Crab!

We weren't sure for a while what Dorothy was.. she's a bit of a shapeshifter really.  But what you can count on is that this Lovely Monster will love and protect you from all the Ugly Monsters living under your bed or in your closet... she's good like that  ;)


So I made a new lovely monster.. (pics to come once the camera batteries are re-charged)... and she was sold even before the market.

I have decided that ALL proceeds from these market stalls.. (of all these things I'm going to sell!)  are going straight towards my new sewing machine...  I'll have it one day yet!    :)

Next Stop - Royal Oak! (hopefully)

So we're starting up the market stall again.. this time its at the Royal Oak Market on Feb 20th. HOPE HOPE HOPE we get accepted

My plan... to sell SOMETHING... ANYTHING...!!

I'll be taking my Lovely Monsters.. so we'll see how they go.. I'll try an expand the family a little before then.

Watch this space to see if we get in!

Now we just have to wait for baby!

This is the working photos of the quilt that was recently gifted, so now I thought I'd share the photos I took along the way.
I did an all over meander after I'd echoed the flowers twice each.  It was done completely in Aurifil thread 50 wt. FAULTLESS.. loved it.  (okay everything except the blanket stitch around the flowers because I dont have a lot of colours in aurifil yet!)  It was great practice as I still see myself as a beginner (even after 6 years of making quilts I haven't done a lot of freemotion!)
I really enjoyed making this one, and loved the colours in it.  I backed it in a fantastic Winnie the Pooh fabric.
Enjoy the photos!

Meet Molly :)

Loving my lovely monsters at the mo.
From left to right: Gloria, Molly and Rhys!


So fresh and so clean clean

While I'm at it, here are some pics of my clean sewing room, before I go and destroy it again!  fyi it is a single bedroom !  check it out  :)

p.s. the red circle is covering a present that hasn't been gifted yet, will update once it has been given to the recipient  :)   *UPDATE: Photos uncensored!