Amigurumi Pirate Bear

Meet Rhys!

Dav and I spent New Years eve learning and practicing crochet amigurumi style thanks to Hook and Needles who has fantastic video's to learn from.  After making the ball for the head and the muzzle from a combination of various googled sites, the rest just was just made up as I went.. though FREAKIN slow.  If you try amigurumi dont expect to whip out one of those balls in a few mins.. its not as easy as you'd think, this little guy took me about 2 and a half days on and off (mostly on). I think I would get faster, but I'm going to knit a ball next and see how it compares. But for quality and finishing.. He's perfect  :)  love him so much. My sister might get the reference to his name-sake.  Anyway... duh duh da da... meet Rhys!