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In a galaxy far far away...

So this is the next project, I feel like I need to set my sights on something big otherwise I'll keep making little things and forget about the real "quilting" the thing that got me going.

This is the Plan:

This is the fabric:

Wish me luck!

I heart Royal Oak Markets

Today Davina and I had our market stall set up at Royal Oak Market, set up by CCS Disability. We had a great day, it was a fantastic venue. The windows were a lifesaver on such a beautiful day.
Below are some piccies of our wares!

psst.. by the way, I still have all my monsters.. they weren't ready to leave home today, but if you want to adopt one, drop me a line!

Davina's sparklies.. check her link at the top of the blog 

A quick run through on how to use Derwent Inktense colour pencils on fabric

Draw your pattern on with removable pencil or water soluble pen Sew your design on
Important: Remove ALL pencil or pen before starting to colour in. You dont want those to be permanent!
Colour in your areas, lightly does it. less is better to start with
TIP: For a softer shading put a paper towel underneath the fabric
TIP: Do adjoining sections on different days, ie dont even colour in the neibouring area until the first is both coloured and fixed.
Use a small high quality synthetic brush and apply your Textile Medium (NOT Water) in very little amounts (dont gloop it on - just lightly brush it bit by bit) i.e. I didn't used more than a teaspoon of textile medium on this whole design
This is what happens when you A) hurry and B) applique your piece before you do your "Inktensing" a wee bit of bleeding, but nothing major.
Seriously tho, take note of the before and after colours.. all I did was "activate" the pigment, it is the same piece, .. inktense pencils are very *spec…

We're In!!!

We got the "Ye" from the Royal Oak Market Goddess, so we're off on the 20th Feb to have a wee stall to sell our wares..

So check this out here:

Come along! and meet my monsters....

I would like to sell at LEAST 1!!!   :)  mama wants a new sewing machine!!!!

The family is growing!

Now just hope like heck that I get a chance to let them loose on the world, (hint hint Royal Oak Market...)
I'm thinking of making a card/tag for them with something like this:
"You've just found one of the Lovely Monster's! They are fantastic friends and can't wait to come home with you! This Lovely Monster is just waiting for the right little girl or boy... all it needs now is a name and a hug!"
What do you think.. I'm open to ideas, something short but saying what they are and kind of what they're meant to be...
anyways, this is everyone so far  :)