My first Toy Society - Toy Drop!!!

Exited much ... um YEAH!

Today I finally got organised enough to send a couple of my newly made and self designed bubby owl chicks out into the big wide world. Below is the close up of them with where they were 'dropped'. This was about 2pm (ish). by 5.30pm when I left work they were gone (well I know ol' blue eyes was defn gone, and there was a bunch of people sitting where the first one was set down so I'm assuming he's been adopted too!!)

Check out The Toy Society .. there is also a link on the side of my blog :)

They say its all about something for nothing, but you do get a lot out of it.. okay enough of the MUSHYNESS

Check them out... fly my pretties....

Baby Owl 1

Baby Owl 1 - drop location

Baby Owl 2

Baby Owl 2 - drop location

Once my drops are posted on the Toy Society blog I'll add the link to this post!



NOTE:  hmm by the looks I may have muddled up the location shots .. haha.. oh no.. cant quite tell :)