Home made Ironing Surface

I'm shamelessly re-posting a picture from a recently posted project in progress (an rppp if you will).

I forgot to tell *you* all about the awesome Ironing Surface I made a couple of weeks ago. So I was busting out of my sewing room, over the past little while I saw some YouTube vids on people making their own Ironing Surface and TADA,, heres mine.. it is MDF with two layers of wool batting warm n white (or something to that effect) it is quite thin hence the two layers. and Covered with Tartan.. had to use it for something!

the only thing the internet forgot to tell me is that when using things like Tru-Grid Pellon, that the printed grid is on  the reverse side to the glue, makes sense.. but being a dark surface you cant see the grid. Easy fix, throw a piece of white calico over the top.

Anyway back to the Ironing Surface... its big and it sits on the trestle table, stores upright against a wall, and being a lot harder than an ironing board gives nicer pressed seams.


That is all.