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One more sleep to go!

Okay, so this is my last blog before tomorrow, I'm really happy with how the table layout is looking, but will have to wait until I get to the market tomorrow to see if everything fits!
I have props and baskets and signs! oh my.
Come and visit us .. 10-2pm tomorrow 22nd May 2011 at 14 Erson Ave, Royal Oak (sort of behind the old Pizza Hut Building across the road from the Royal Oak shopping Centre)

Sneaky peak #2 - Retro Bowl Carrier

Better late than never! here are is the preview of the:
"Retro Bowl Carrier - Great for Potluck Dinners and BBQ's"  ! Ta Da..  whew.. they took a little while to make.. but I'm really glad with how they turned out

and to remind you what my Lovely Monsters look like have a look below!

See you there! Follow the link for all the details! Royal Oak Mall this Sunday 22nd May from 10am til 2pm!!

Mug Hug and Coaster Combo!

This is the first Sneaky Peek at the goods I'll have at the market on Sunday.. Be there or be square!

Jiggity Jig

In less than two weeks Davina and I will be sitting at the Royal Oak Markets for our second time!

Check out the flyer HERE!

This time I will have:

- Fantastic coffee cup holders with matching coaster sets
- A blast from the past with my "Pot-Luck-Dinner Bowl Holder" (please help me come up with a better name!)
- My awesome "Lovely Monsters" are waiting to find a new home  ;)
- and of course the thing that started it all.. my pot holders/pot mats/placemat things!

Davina will have her exquisite jewellery range, get a bit of a preview HERE

Come and visit us! We need the support!

Piccies for a bit of a preview to come real soon

See you there!