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Tweet Twooo

So, I'm on twitter now (again), will see if can keep up the momentum.. once a day is the goal, then we'll go from there!

missing my sewing machine,, longest week ever

Just a quick note...

As you may have noticed, I sometimes don't always post about quilting, it's usually the creative side stuff that is different from my GIS science side. But don't fret, my sewing machine is currently away getting serviced, so I should be back up and running in no time.. until then, watch out for those zombies!

My very own Army of Darkness

Inspired by my lil sister actually going to a cake decorating class, and my awesome hubby getting me a how to make zombie themed cupcakes book I went and bought some fondant (no I didnt make my own! ) and I read a few tutorials around the place, added some green food colouring I had in the cupboard and jumped right in.
Thank goodness too for Bruce Campbell, what would we do if we didn't have Ash to save us from this Army of Darkness!!

Duff Goldman, if you're out there, love you, love your work, totally inspired by you, if you need a quilt or a map.. you come see me!

This is what the tootsies look like to start with, I managed to make two at a time, so they wouldn't dry out too quickly and also so I could have my left and a right feet even!

Waiting for their bones..
everyone lined up.. I had a bit extra so I made a bone and a zombie guy who (I think) strangely looks a lot like Don Knotts from Herbie and Three's Company
Bwahahaha!!  It's Alive...!!

And here is Ash, just i…

I heart photoshop

So ... as you might know from a couple of my previous posts.. or just by knowing me, that I'm a wanna be graphic designer.. I love playing with photoshop and illustrator..

anyways.. I was just looking at making a pic of me that was more commercial looking for my google profile.. but unfortunately I dont have a lot of ready to use photos that pass the Mel test.. (c'mon girls, you know what I'm talking about.. the oh no you're not keeping that picture!...)

Below is a before and after for your viewing pleasure/amusement/general information

(Can't believe I'm actually letting you see this)

And yes, you do have to scroll down! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

I'm thinking of doing a bit of a how to, but will see how this is recieved.. leave a message if you're interested!