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Oh Brother!

So, I'm still trying to make up my mind on which freemotion quilting machine I'd like to get one day (yes the Janome horizon in a perfect world, but practically, I need two machines for project work not a testosterone filled single do it all machine) all I know is that I love my brother for piecing and applique, but I hate changing the foot for the free motion, so I've had a thought for a while to get second straightstitch machine purely for my freemotion.

I have been back and forth from the Juki tl98p, to the equivalent machines in Janome, Huskvarna and Pfaff. But right at the beginning of all this I did look at the Brother PQ1500s but was scared off by the pin feed on the feed dogs.. I didn't like the idea of having pins pulling through my fabric all the time if I were to ever use it for piecing or stitch in the ditching etc.  BUT, I just read a few reviews and blogs saying that the pin feed mechanisms only engages on one of the feed dog/presser feet settings (its ad…

Kiwiquilts - Big Shout out

This post is to Mary at Kiwiquilts, Albany, NZ
Thank you for your customer service, I know you must have heard every excuse under the sun as to why someone NEEDS to have a specific item even when you dont have it at hand. BUT, as I was one of those "someone's" I can tell you that my personal "I have to have that specific item or my project is RUINED" moments was dissapated very quickly.
Thank you for the late night emails and the next day resolutions. I hope you get enough thank-you's in your line of work, I know you're doing what you love
last note, Mary, I hope you dont mind me using your logo from your website, it is linked right back to you..

So that is the sappy stuff over with, but it needed to be done!
as soon as the bundle arrives I'll be quilting like mad again. (or at least applique-ing like mad!)

have fun, take care Mel
Update: It was there when I got home!  Yay!

She's home!

Just to let y'all know.. she's home.. safe n sound.. my sewing machine that is!..

I've been using the wrong bobbins (not all the time - just one pack I got ages ago) and the service man left me a note about it written on the cellotape that was holding down the offending bobbin (cute!)

so.. i found that my sewing shop had them.. sorry spotlight you suck for sewing machine accessories.. I stocked up and now have a set of bobbins for my different thread types and they are in different containers so I dont get them all mixed up.. I hate not knowing whats on my bobbin once it gets separated from the pack!

and gasp.. I'm might not be using Aurifil thread much anymore in my machine, it just leaves too much lint in my machine, it's like a wee felting machine in there.. so I have a few colours of Mettler to try out, I've been told that it is better than Gutterman and I'm willing to give it a go. So there you have it,, I've said it out loud.. I'm ditching my …

Does she look familiar?

Check back to my Fairies blanket post, "Fairies are finally in my garden" to have a look where my blog title image originated

There she is!

And yes.. she's an original design so please ask first if you'd like to use her

Trying it on for size

I've been meaning to update my blog title for a bit and seeing as I don't have my machine I thought I'd have a go, so will sit with this one for a while and see how it feels.

Let me know what you think, might work on my fairy a bit more.. will see how she goes