Kiwiquilts - Big Shout out

This post is to Mary at Kiwiquilts, Albany, NZ

Thank you for your customer service, I know you must have heard every excuse under the sun as to why someone NEEDS to have a specific item even when you dont have it at hand. BUT, as I was one of those "someone's" I can tell you that my personal "I have to have that specific item or my project is RUINED" moments was dissapated very quickly.

Thank you for the late night emails and the next day resolutions. I hope you get enough thank-you's in your line of work, I know you're doing what you love

last note, Mary, I hope you dont mind me using your logo from your website, it is linked right back to you..

So that is the sappy stuff over with, but it needed to be done!

as soon as the bundle arrives I'll be quilting like mad again. (or at least applique-ing like mad!)

have fun, take care

Update: It was there when I got home!  Yay!