Oh Brother!

So, I'm still trying to make up my mind on which freemotion quilting machine I'd like to get one day (yes the Janome horizon in a perfect world, but practically, I need two machines for project work not a testosterone filled single do it all machine) all I know is that I love my brother for piecing and applique, but I hate changing the foot for the free motion, so I've had a thought for a while to get second straightstitch machine purely for my freemotion.

I have been back and forth from the Juki tl98p, to the equivalent machines in Janome, Huskvarna and Pfaff. But right at the beginning of all this I did look at the Brother PQ1500s but was scared off by the pin feed on the feed dogs.. I didn't like the idea of having pins pulling through my fabric all the time if I were to ever use it for piecing or stitch in the ditching etc.  BUT, I just read a few reviews and blogs saying that the pin feed mechanisms only engages on one of the feed dog/presser feet settings (its adjustable!) so that has swooped Brother back in the game with a vengence as I currently use a Brother Innovis NV400 and love it.

The Brochure is here but I've googled reviews and all sorts too. I'm hoping that at the Hamilton quilt fair this year the brother stand will be there as always and if one thing leads to another.....    just saying....

anyway, I'll leave you with this to oggle over as I have been for the good part of the past hour..... sigh


  1. Are you able to test drive the machines in person? That is an effective way to help you decide.

  2. I hope so, i might send an email to the nz brother dealer, they always have a stand at the hamilton quilt show here, so its worth a shot to ask them to bring one down... it gives me a good couple of months to contemplate :)


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