She's home!

Just to let y'all know.. she's home.. safe n sound.. my sewing machine that is!..

I've been using the wrong bobbins (not all the time - just one pack I got ages ago) and the service man left me a note about it written on the cellotape that was holding down the offending bobbin (cute!)

so.. i found that my sewing shop had them.. sorry spotlight you suck for sewing machine accessories.. I stocked up and now have a set of bobbins for my different thread types and they are in different containers so I dont get them all mixed up.. I hate not knowing whats on my bobbin once it gets separated from the pack!

and gasp.. I'm might not be using Aurifil thread much anymore in my machine, it just leaves too much lint in my machine, it's like a wee felting machine in there.. so I have a few colours of Mettler to try out, I've been told that it is better than Gutterman and I'm willing to give it a go. So there you have it,, I've said it out loud.. I'm ditching my cotton cotton and going back to polyester cotton! (and by cotton I mean thread!) I'll let you know how I go after my next mission now that I'm back up and running.

and because I dont have any pics of anything creative I thought I'd leave you with a pic of my favourite Eagle

Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr Timothy B. Schmit  (clap clap clap yahoo)


  1. Great to hear from you. Even greater to her that your machine is back. Interesting... the reason I use Aurifil is because the threads don't shed as much lint.... much be how different machines handle the thread, I suppose.

  2. Hey Wendy! thanks for stopping by :) how often do you clean out under your bobbin race? I have a top loading bobbin and have to unscrew the metal plate every time I need to clean out under the bobbin casing.. I should probably be a bit more diligent with it, but its not the easiest wee thing to get into .. i love aurifils colour range, and I follow pat sloan all the time :) so I hope I can go back to them, maybe I need to diary in my bobbin cleanouts haha :) my sewing shop ladies got me on to Mettler for my machine. I'm still yet to really put the thread through its paces.. anyway! thanks again for stopping by. Mel


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