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*Happy Dance*

Okay, so this has nothing to do with quilting at all, but it is the reason I haven't posted much about quilting lately..
.. Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful,, Isn't she precious.. less than one minute old..
(go Stevie)
Toyota Corolla Runx 1.8L and cute!


So, I didn't know whether to post this on my quilt blog or gis blog, so its going on both!

This is a shout out to Phil over at Choice Map Tuesday.. I'm always pleasantly surprised when my two worlds collide. Check out his blog post below for a quilty/mappy mixture. Defn something I'm keen to create, had something brewing for a while anyway, maybe I can rope in some work folk into it!

Mappy Quilty Pleasure


Good day all in all

Market day went great, actually sold a few things which was nice! my octopus toy found a home which was good! didn't sell any patterns, but might put them on trademe or etsy, will see..
anyway, here are some piccies of our stall from today, if you're visiting because you took one of my business cards at the market, then helloo and welcome :)  good to have you here. 
Please feel free to leave me messages on my posts, or if you want to send me a private message click on the "Contact me" either on the right or bottom of this page!
Have a great week

Market day again!

Its that time again.. come around quickly.. so busy at the moment, havent had a chance to sit down and take a breath for weeks.. but have been getting focused again, plenty to do

so tomorrow is the Royal Oak market.. see previous posts for deets.. I've just finished packing all my boxes and they are now sitting by the door ready and waiting for the morning..

just checking in before heading off to the land of nod, need to look all fresh and beautiful for the hundreds of customers tomorrow!!  plan,.. to sell SOMETHING.. goal.. to sell a lot more than one thing... but as you may very well remember, last time I sold NOTHING.. so one thing would be a vast improvement than that!! haha

anyways, i'm prepped and ready to go ,, I will be supporting the coffee stall that will be there if nothing else!

wish me luck and send me good vibes tomorrow!  eeeee!


Count it .. 1 twitter follower!

So to celebrate the fact that I have 1 follower on twitter would be one thing.. and a big thing at that..

but to have the 1 follower be one of reasons I chose to get right into quilting in a big way,  the one and only Karen McTavish.. well blow me down and call me Shirley!

skip back to a previous post where I feature her book I purchased, now that I have my Brother pq1500s I have no excuse but to go back and practice some more!

will keep you posted!

Soo... I was at this sewing shop in New Lynn today...

My day today began far too early for a Saturday, after getting up at 8am (yes 8am does exist on the weekends) I got my bits and pieces together for a road trip out west. Little did I know that the round trip would consist of 80% of the roads being under construction with 9 detours.. on the way back I got lost getting out of New Lynn and ended up doing a loop around West Lynn (theres a West Lynn!) and stopped just before ending up in the heart of Titirangi.

So here are a few photos of my day, the first are a couple of clues, then my welcome home party followed by the some cute pics of one of my dogs :)

At the shop, ideas for thread holder design

Waiting for me when I got home

Is there anybody out there,, is there anyone at all...

No, I'm not going to break out in a bad rendition of a Pink Floyd song, the truth be known I don't know much more than that.. BUT, I do need a bit of help.. so..

On Saturday I'm going out to H.A. Newsons to test drive a Brother PQ1500 sewing machine and wanted to know what sort of things I should do with it or ask.
At the moment I was going to pre-bake some quilt sandwiches to play with, but other than:

- How much does it cost - How long is the warranty - What needles do you recommend - are there alternative free-motion feet available from Brother

Um, yeah so that's about where I'm at..
I have heard that the Juki TL98's free-motion foot fits the Brother PQ1500 and may in fact work a little better than the one provided with it. So, yes, I'm swinging towards the Brother, as the Janome 6300 is not available to the Pacific market, and from the Janome Australasia, probably wont be released at all..

Brother has edged the Juki only because it has more options on the feed …

Here's one I prepared earlier...



So.. still have a little bit of work to do, a couple of labels for the new stuff and something to properly fit in the top box,  but.. more eye level stuff happening, which is good. still working on a better way to affix my price list card, but still have a little while for that  :)

In even bigger news! My "Craft Fair Friend" arrived in the post today, I'm just about to go have a sit down with it before bed..  Exciting!!  I'm contemplating doing two days, but will have to check a couple of things first .. I'd love to do a double whammy, and spend some time at the shows and some tutorials this time, but will keep you posted once I've seen what things are going to be available !!  Yay!!

Can you say excited?!

We're off to the Royal Oak Market again this month! Check us out on Sunday 21st August see details below
Click the image to get the pdf.. please feel free to print it out and distribute it around the place!!

This is some pics of our wares  :)

I'm looking for a mini step to put on the table as a riser.. defn need to make my table more space efficient! Wish me luck!!