Here's one I prepared earlier...



So.. still have a little bit of work to do, a couple of labels for the new stuff and something to properly fit in the top box,  but.. more eye level stuff happening, which is good. still working on a better way to affix my price list card, but still have a little while for that  :)

In even bigger news! My "Craft Fair Friend" arrived in the post today, I'm just about to go have a sit down with it before bed..  Exciting!!  I'm contemplating doing two days, but will have to check a couple of things first .. I'd love to do a double whammy, and spend some time at the shows and some tutorials this time, but will keep you posted once I've seen what things are going to be available !!  Yay!!


  1. Hey, looks like you had a great stall too! Yay us!
    I got my craft friend in the mail too. Don't think I've got the time to go this year. I like to go every 2 to 3 years as things seem to be much the same every year. I'd like to come up to Calico Christmas this year, I've never been before. Perhaps I should start saving for that?
    Hope you've had a great weekend - sorry I couldn't reply to you off blog, but you have a no-reply comment setting:)

  2. hey Carole :) thanks! we've got a market coming up in two weeks in Royal Oak, so looking forward to that too :) i defn want to go to Calico Christmas, I went last year for the first time, i've been thinking about joining the Auckland Guild again, now that i've got a couple of bigger projects lined up. I've added a comments thingee right down the bottom of the blog, but like most things this whole page is a work in progress :) its been a while but i'm enjoying branching out a bit! :)


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