Is there anybody out there,, is there anyone at all...

No, I'm not going to break out in a bad rendition of a Pink Floyd song, the truth be known I don't know much more than that.. BUT, I do need a bit of help.. so..

On Saturday I'm going out to H.A. Newsons to test drive a Brother PQ1500 sewing machine and wanted to know what sort of things I should do with it or ask.

At the moment I was going to pre-bake some quilt sandwiches to play with, but other than:

- How much does it cost
- How long is the warranty
- What needles do you recommend
- are there alternative free-motion feet available from Brother

Um, yeah so that's about where I'm at..

I have heard that the Juki TL98's free-motion foot fits the Brother PQ1500 and may in fact work a little better than the one provided with it. So, yes, I'm swinging towards the Brother, as the Janome 6300 is not available to the Pacific market, and from the Janome Australasia, probably wont be released at all..

Brother has edged the Juki only because it has more options on the feed dog pressure which I though could come in handy.

And, the Juki have put out a TL2000 and TL2010 both of which got the thumbs down from the NZ supplier ( of the TL98) mostly because the upgrades they did are not worth the money and the adjustment to the foot pedal is more of a hinderance than a help (my take on their actual words)

So, I (think I) have done my home work, and if you want so see my previous rants on the subject visit these posts:

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  1. Mel, you really should join the modern quilting group on Facebook. I have had so many questions answered on there. I didn't even know about the Brother PQ1500S until people started raving about it on there. Here's a link if you're interested. It's an international group--lots of Americans, but lots of people from all over the world :)!/groups/modernquilting/


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