Market day again!

Its that time again.. come around quickly.. so busy at the moment, havent had a chance to sit down and take a breath for weeks.. but have been getting focused again, plenty to do

so tomorrow is the Royal Oak market.. see previous posts for deets.. I've just finished packing all my boxes and they are now sitting by the door ready and waiting for the morning..

just checking in before heading off to the land of nod, need to look all fresh and beautiful for the hundreds of customers tomorrow!!  plan,.. to sell SOMETHING.. goal.. to sell a lot more than one thing... but as you may very well remember, last time I sold NOTHING.. so one thing would be a vast improvement than that!! haha

anyways, i'm prepped and ready to go ,, I will be supporting the coffee stall that will be there if nothing else!

wish me luck and send me good vibes tomorrow!  eeeee!



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