Soo... I was at this sewing shop in New Lynn today...

My day today began far too early for a Saturday, after getting up at 8am (yes 8am does exist on the weekends) I got my bits and pieces together for a road trip out west. Little did I know that the round trip would consist of 80% of the roads being under construction with 9 detours.. on the way back I got lost getting out of New Lynn and ended up doing a loop around West Lynn (theres a West Lynn!) and stopped just before ending up in the heart of Titirangi.

So here are a few photos of my day, the first are a couple of clues, then my welcome home party followed by the some cute pics of one of my dogs :)


At the shop, ideas for thread holder design

Waiting for me when I got home  

 hmm.. what do we have here?

Oh, look its bob!

little brother and big brother

excited much!!  umm... yes!!!

*doing the happy dance*