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Nan's Pav

Ok, this one is a bit tricky for me to post, but heck .. here it goes..

This post is for the family,, I thought I'd share this recipe from Nan, I haven't actually made the pavlova myself yet, but will be trying to remember to give it a go this xmas..

The date stamp on my original file has July 2005 on it, sounds about right, I had Nan tell me her Pavlova recipe, so this is pretty much word for word what she had me write down.  (any spelling mistakes are all mine!)

Love to all,


Send me pics of your attempts and I'll post them up here!

art for artsake

Ten points for anyone who can name the band? cmon you remember it.. sing the next line, it will be in your head all day...

Anywho, just thought I'd share a wee pic I made up last year, I haven't got a lot of sewing things to share right now, so thought you might want something to have a look at in the meantime!
This is something I made up on my digital sketch board (wacom) I called it "two face" .. nothing too deep about it  :)  just something quick to name the file before I saved it.


These are a few of my favourite things..

Just to wrap up my weekend, I thought I'd leave you with the highlights of the past few days..

Saturday and Sunday have been great, loads of sewing time! and wading through the mountain of goodies I got at the fair
and the fair.. oh the fair!!
My favourite bits.. in no particular order..
- Wrights Fabric .. I've finally found a supplier of Aurifil thread!  (they have just launched a new website, so it still has a few links to come)
- I had two favourite quilts from the Gallerys/Competition spaces:

And lastly.. ok I did save the best til last...
Kerry Glen from Tulis Textiles

I will start off by saying that I've been going to the Hamilton Craft and Quilt show for about the past 5 years and Kerry is the most honest and down to earth 'presenter' I've ever had the pleasure to learn from at the show.
I sat in on two of Kerry's workshops this Friday, I learned (amongst many other things) she is passionate about Indonesian batik fabrics, quiltin…

What a weekend so far!

I had a great day on Friday at the Hamilton Quilt and Craft Fair and have just spend the day quilting and crocheting.. awesome

Seeing as I've so many photos from Friday, I'll leave you with a couple now and then work out a bit of a Gallery Page for them all


Remember this one from the Auckland Show.. Jocelyn Leath's work..  I saw it for a second time and raved about it and her to some people also admiring her work!

This one is for Jane, more cake pics to come for her too

Crazy things done with stunning fabric

 This one had me hooked, the colours and the symbolism.. just awesome

 knitting for goodness sake!

 Mac the dog  :)


This is a big shout out, hello and thanks to Wendy from:

I'm working on something that you'll see soon, but Wendy's quilting style and quality are always perfecto and beautiful and gosh darnit just lovely

Thanks to her advice. I spend my evening last night taping and pin pin pinning. Next I'll be calibrating my machine with test fabric so I'm good to go on the real McCoy


In other news..