Nan's Pav

Ok, this one is a bit tricky for me to post, but heck .. here it goes..

This post is for the family,, I thought I'd share this recipe from Nan, I haven't actually made the pavlova myself yet, but will be trying to remember to give it a go this xmas..

The date stamp on my original file has July 2005 on it, sounds about right, I had Nan tell me her Pavlova recipe, so this is pretty much word for word what she had me write down.  (any spelling mistakes are all mine!)

Love to all,

Click to enlarge image

Send me pics of your attempts and I'll post them up here!


  1. :) I think there's supposed to be a "turn the oven off and leave it to cool in the oven" anybody? would this be before or after the "leave it in the oven for two hours? hehe

  2. Yes turn the oven off and leave the Pav least that is what your Nan did.


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