These are a few of my favourite things..

Just to wrap up my weekend, I thought I'd leave you with the highlights of the past few days..

Saturday and Sunday have been great, loads of sewing time! and wading through the mountain of goodies I got at the fair

and the fair.. oh the fair!!

My favourite bits.. in no particular order..

- Wrights Fabric .. I've finally found a supplier of Aurifil thread!  (they have just launched a new website, so it still has a few links to come)

- I had two favourite quilts from the Gallerys/Competition spaces:

And lastly.. ok I did save the best til last...

Kerry Glen from Tulis Textiles


I will start off by saying that I've been going to the Hamilton Craft and Quilt show for about the past 5 years and Kerry is the most honest and down to earth 'presenter' I've ever had the pleasure to learn from at the show.

I sat in on two of Kerry's workshops this Friday, I learned (amongst many other things) she is passionate about Indonesian batik fabrics, quilting, innovative techniques, and passing on that passion to others.

Yes she has her own business and yes she does want you to buy her products, (who wouldn't!!)  yet I never got that feeling like I have with almost every other workshop that it was the sole reason she was standing up there...

So Kerry, if you're listening.. Thanks!  I have my gem 5 and 10 sitting up on my desk,  I'll post a pic up here once I give it whirl.

Love you love your work

And just before I go, check out the link at the top of the page for a tour around the fair!

Have a great week
Signing off


Ooh!! and I forgot to mention.. This is my 100th post! Freakin exciting huh!


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