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"Armagh" - Origins

Here is some information I made to go with "Armagh", it explains where the inspiration for the designs came from, and for the record I found the yellow flower design on the web somewhere but redesigned the green leaves around it. The Celtic knot was designed in illustrator before printing it full size on a plotter so I could cut it out for a template.
All applique is heat fused, I think it was heat n bond lite, the iris was raw edge applique finished with my machines blanket stitch but thanks to Wendy at Ivory Spring, I made the stitch as small as my machine would let me.
The celtic knot was raw edge fused then the brown bias binding rolls  (pre prepared with fusible tape - yay!) was then laid down in the right order so that the least amount of raw ends were showing! whew.

The applique was done on my Brother NV400 so I used Mettler thread, and all the quilting was done on my Brother PQ1500s so I was able to do that all in Aurifil!
So below is the information sheets that go …

Happy Birthday Mum!

This is why I've been a bit quiet on the crafty posts of late, I was harboring a secret quilt, and then a secret Aunty, but now its all out, and the gift has been given and now has a lovely home on my parents bed.
I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out, its got a lot of quilting that I've never done before and over the next little while I'll share some of the preparation steps and some more close ups of the good bits.
Also in the pipeline is tutorial on how to change colours at the corners while still properly mitre-ing your binding. Its actually really easy! *AND without any tool except a ruler and pencil and pins, nothing fancy, but definitely free
So here she is "Armagh"

Some quilting detail
A close up of the celtic knot


Backing Black

No matter what everyone said, France wasn't going to go down without a fight... and fight they did...
This competition has brought NZ together in a big way, hopefully we can keep that momentum. It goes to show we're all backing the same team in the end, even around the world, there's no differences between us all really, we all back our team to the bitter end. France made an honest team of the All Blacks today, and to be a little bit brutal.. I think it was good to have the poster boy mentality knocked out of the mighty AB's, it meant they had to prove they we're worthy of the Web Ellis cup and they came up trumps!  

Richie McCaw and the team
Israel Dagg in full flight
Ma'a Nonu with the ORANGE shoes
Aurelien Rougerie being tackled by Jerome Kaino

Good on you All Blacks Enjoy it!

Design Seeds

Just blog hopping around this evening and came across this website thanks to Lily's Quilts (previous post)
so I went off the actual "Design Seeds" website for a look around and the first colour palette I saw... BAM... loved it.. I can tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time here

Just one little niggle tho mr google blogger.. If I set my country to NZ and my language to English UK can you please not tell me I'm spelling COLOUR wrong... k thanks!


Crazy Aurifil giveaway!

Go visit and enter Lilys Quilts - Aurifil Giveaway! She's got an awesome blog with a great giveaway.
Cross your fingers for me!!

and then visit the Aurifil site below cause I'm an Aurifil Blogger!

Thanks to my new Brother PQ1500s I'm now much more confident in using Aurifil, which I LOVE. Unfortunately my other machine doesn't like it a great deal, but my new PQ1500s loves it as much as I do!

Go! Go visit Lily now!!

Thanks Aunty Mary Eyes

Every time I feel like I'm the only one at the party dancing (figuratively!) I just remember what my Uncle John mentioned that Aunty Mary "Eyes" always said ...
"If you're invited to a party you have a responsibility to the host to have a good time, so get up and dance!" (or something to that effect)
Life is one big social event.. its your choice to enjoy it... get up and dance...

Keep getting excited about things and share them with others Others will come and dance with you eventually!

Be happy, keep blogging


My inadvertent personal theme

This post is to give you a little bit of a peek into my sewing room and study, and to show you what has evolved into my theme colours for my main bits of machinery!
This is my PC, I love it pieces..  My in-home IT helpdesk built my computer and in doing so was able to order in my PC case.. and surprised me with an AWESOME swarovski studded beauty. I've had it for a while now but love love love it, so much so that I found the pdf of the brochure for it on the net and hacked together a wallpaper/background of the image from the side of the case so my computer desktop matches my case!

So here's where it gets interesting... Today, we were at Repco (auto store) and I bought a couple of stickers, initially to put on or in my new car, but then I thought against putting them on the car, but still loved the stickers.. so now my sewing machines have all new character to them.. I love it even more in my sewing room now.. 
This first one is a holographic sticker so doesn't photograph…