Happy Birthday Mum!

This is why I've been a bit quiet on the crafty posts of late, I was harboring a secret quilt, and then a secret Aunty, but now its all out, and the gift has been given and now has a lovely home on my parents bed.

I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out, its got a lot of quilting that I've never done before and over the next little while I'll share some of the preparation steps and some more close ups of the good bits.

Also in the pipeline is tutorial on how to change colours at the corners while still properly mitre-ing your binding. Its actually really easy! *AND without any tool except a ruler and pencil and pins, nothing fancy, but definitely free

So here she is "Armagh"

Some quilting detail

A close up of the celtic knot



  1. From Mum...a wonderful quilt - although a 3rd generation 'Kiwi' my Irish ancestory is very important to me. Thank you Mel....


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