"Armagh" - Origins

Here is some information I made to go with "Armagh", it explains where the inspiration for the designs came from, and for the record I found the yellow flower design on the web somewhere but redesigned the green leaves around it. The Celtic knot was designed in illustrator before printing it full size on a plotter so I could cut it out for a template.

All applique is heat fused, I think it was heat n bond lite, the iris was raw edge applique finished with my machines blanket stitch but thanks to Wendy at Ivory Spring, I made the stitch as small as my machine would let me.

The celtic knot was raw edge fused then the brown bias binding rolls  (pre prepared with fusible tape - yay!) was then laid down in the right order so that the least amount of raw ends were showing! whew.

The applique was done on my Brother NV400 so I used Mettler thread, and all the quilting was done on my Brother PQ1500s so I was able to do that all in Aurifil!

So below is the information sheets that go with the quilt, I printed and laminated them to go with the present!

Click on them to make them a little bigger

This whole project has a big "please do not copy my work" as it is a unique piece I have made, you can learn from the techniques and do your own unique version, but please do not COPY, at least with out having a chat to me first about your project. THANKS!


  1. This is absolutely fabulous - all the thought and symbolism you have incorporated in the quilt!! What a treasured heirloom gift it will be, I am sure of it.

    Thanks for your email alerting me of the posting of your special quilt.

  2. This is so beautiful! That was a lot of work to make the Celtic knot and I like how you made scrap book pages to show the information on it, I bet your mom loved it! Wendy has a wonderful blog doesn't she! Thanks for sharing this at Quilting by the River

    1. I LOVE Wendy's blog, I try to channel her when I do my free motion! hehe

      Love your linky party, such a great idea! I'm new to them, but love the way it lets everyone share!

  3. Beautiful... Love the Celtic Knot... My next project will have a celtic knot in it, once I get the bias strips cut...

    1. Thanks Leah, I bought my bias strips ready made with the iron-on fusible webbing already on it, so I just needed to iron it down, that was the main part. The rest was about using a double needle, it fit perfectly on the clover mini bias rolls(1/4inch). I got mine here http://www.cottonpatch.co.uk/acatalog/Clover_Quick_Bias_Tape.html they had lots of colours, I wanted the lighter brown, but no one but them had it. But I'm sure if you "google" it you will find something if you want to look them up! Good luck :)


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