My inadvertent personal theme

This post is to give you a little bit of a peek into my sewing room and study, and to show you what has evolved into my theme colours for my main bits of machinery!

This is my PC, I love it pieces..  My in-home IT helpdesk built my computer and in doing so was able to order in my PC case.. and surprised me with an AWESOME swarovski studded beauty. I've had it for a while now but love love love it, so much so that I found the pdf of the brochure for it on the net and hacked together a wallpaper/background of the image from the side of the case so my computer desktop matches my case!

So here's where it gets interesting... Today, we were at Repco (auto store) and I bought a couple of stickers, initially to put on or in my new car, but then I thought against putting them on the car, but still loved the stickers.. so now my sewing machines have all new character to them.. I love it even more in my sewing room now.. 

This first one is a holographic sticker so doesn't photograph well, its not rainbow coloured at all, but more in the same dusty pink range as the others.. love this fairy (I will explain my interest in fairies and gnomes etc one day!)

And this is my favourite (of the minute) !! it fits my new beastie perfectly and gives it a girly rock chick edge to it that I love.

So between my computer and my sewing machines, I think its just my overlocker that needs pimping.. but that can be easily arranged  :)

I hope you've enjoyed my little tour!



  1. Hi Melissa,

    Great hearing from you! Those are fun personal touches on your computer and sewing machine!


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