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We have a winner!

Congratulations to Kiera who will be receiving a few bits and pieces shortly! lets hope it gets there in time for Christmas!
Thanks for entering!

Here is a little sneak peek into my next project I cant really elaborate until after February but I'll show you what I can along the way.

Tutorial: Quilt Mitred Binding - How to change color at the corner

Hi Everyone!
As promised, here is a tutorial on changing your quilts binding fabric color at the corner. I have looked high and low, and could not find anything to help, so I made up this easy way to help us all!
This is a FREE tutorial and you don't need to buy anything!
It will be a Picture filled tutorial! This technique requires - quilt - pins - ruler - fabric marker or chalk (optional) AND - binding fabric (no need for bias binding, thats a whole other discussion!)

NO EXTRA TOOL NEEDED! No funny angles to work out! If you know how to do the traditional continuous binding then this will be easy!
This is the end product, the corners are perfectly mitred with the fabric color changing with the least amount of visible thread possible.

So here are the steps:

Sew the two binding strips onto the front, stopping at the corner where they meet. (about the width of your finished binding) Leave at least 6 to 8 inches of binding hanging from the ends so it wont be too fiddly.

Fold one bi…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it. Technically in NZ for us I think it was yesterday, so its what you'd call Black Friday (see I've googled it!) .. but I'm sure the festivities would roll into the weekend so take care and enjoy!

Gimme an A! Go Aurifil!

I will get some better photos when I get me new phone/camera under control, but OMG yay for birthdays This year I asked for Aurifil threads and boy I wasnt dissappointed!
I got 10 mako 40weight mostly variegated. But I think my whole family (bar 2 or 3) may have thought I was a little *craazy* for getting so excited over cotton! But YAY. I'm finally getting a little stash of colours together which makes me feel a little more confident when starting a project.
So watch this space! 
Is it weird to want to hug cotton reels?

We're gonna party like its 1999 - My first giveaway!

As I'm writing this, I'm 16 away from hitting my 2000th visitor (or 2000 page refreshes!) This is very exciting, I love looking over my blog stats to see how many people visit and where you are all from.
To celebrate my 2000 (ish) visitor mark I'm going to try out my first ever GIVEAWAY! 
Leave me a comment telling me either where you live or where you are (originally) from and why you love it! The winner will be chosen at random and will get a wee gift package (below) *hopefully* arriving just in time for Christmas. I will count all the entries this time next week! So go for it!
(one entry per person)
Me, you ask? where am I from, why do I love it??
Well..  I was born in Carnarvon, Australia (go on look it up on Google Maps, I'll wait!) but when just a babe, I came to NZ, I was brought up in South Auckland and its in and around there I have lived since. My Dads side of the Family is Dutch, my Mums side is Irish and I married an Englishman :) I love South Auckland bec…

Great Market!

Hi Everyone,

A big thank you to those who came to visit us at the Royal Oak Market today.

We had a great day, and there were Sooo many people. Great to see!
I hope you got some of you Christmas shopping out of the way.

If you missed us, you'll see us in the new year at the February Royal Oak Market, I'll keep you posted on the details.

And to top it all off, yes it was my Birthday today *yay* (hence the "Birthday Sale" signs - hehe) and after a very busy weekend, I've been relaxing with my husband all afternoon while playing with my new birthday present, a swish LG Optimus 2X (p990) Cellphone.  AWESOME

Have a great week

Take Care

Royal Oak Market time

The Royal Oak Market is on again! This Sunday the 20th November 10-2pm Be there!
Come see me and buy things.. from me!

And then there were six!

Today I added 5 more stockings to my stock!  All sewn with Aurifil Thread (love!)
Yay! nearly ready for next week

Tis the season

Well it is nearly that time of year again already, I heard my first christmas song  in the mall last Friday!
Davina and I have our last Royal Oak Market of the year coming up in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd better scramble some bits and pieces together!
Let me know what you think, I have this version and one in the pipeline that will put the silly back in silly season!
There is one picture with flash and one without the flash to get an idea of the white trim fabric! I've been waiting for a project to use this fabric on since last year, love it!

Making a Sandwich.. mmm sandwich

Heya,  I didnt get many photos of constructing the quilt top because it was to darn big, just trust me, the flowers were blanket stitch applique and this is a close up of the celtic knot:

the next part I can show you is the basting of the quilt sandwich, this means laying down the backing fabric, the batting/filling and the quilt top and temporarily holding them together with either stitching, glue, plastic tacks or in this case safety pins.

I use the green low-sticky painters tape to first tape down the backing fabric, then do the same again for the batting and the quilt top. In hindsight I might put out my extra trestle tables and to the whole thing at once, I did half and then moved the quilt and taped the other half, but ended up with a few puckers in the back.. its a learning curve, but I'll know for next time.

Other than that this method was really good actually, I get sore knees and back if I do this on the floor, so having it up at table level was awesome, my back did get …

Start at the Start

This is a look back to the beginning of my journey creating "Armagh". 
I started getting some inspirations from the internet, I knew I wanted a Celtic knotwork design and if possible one that had a link to County Armagh in Ireland. But I learned quickly that Celtic knots tended to not have local meanings but more generic meanings like love, eternity, friendship. So when I came across a photograph of the central aisle in a Cathedral... in County Armagh, I was a very happy camper.

Here's a great shot of the aisle
This is a better photo of the design I had a "Vision" for
Thanks to Mr Photoshop I stretched it out to what I thought it might look like in real life
From here I started to trace the design and then put it all together
 I coloured it all in first to try and get a feel for the balance of the whole picture. The choice of a half and half binding colour only came towards the very end of the whole project once I'd quilted it and had started looking for d…