Making a Sandwich.. mmm sandwich

Heya,  I didnt get many photos of constructing the quilt top because it was to darn big, just trust me, the flowers were blanket stitch applique and this is a close up of the celtic knot:

the next part I can show you is the basting of the quilt sandwich, this means laying down the backing fabric, the batting/filling and the quilt top and temporarily holding them together with either stitching, glue, plastic tacks or in this case safety pins.

I use the green low-sticky painters tape to first tape down the backing fabric, then do the same again for the batting and the quilt top. In hindsight I might put out my extra trestle tables and to the whole thing at once, I did half and then moved the quilt and taped the other half, but ended up with a few puckers in the back.. its a learning curve, but I'll know for next time.

Other than that this method was really good actually, I get sore knees and back if I do this on the floor, so having it up at table level was awesome, my back did get a little sore, but little breaks here and there are good regardless to avoid these sorts of overuse pains.

So here are a few piccies of this step, it was in the evening so they are a little dark, but you'll get the idea

I use a teaspoon to leverage the sharp point of the safety pin through the quilt then push the head/catch onto it, it saves my fingers, See what I mean here . Tthere are tools out there, but who doesn't have a teaspoon they can steal for their sewing tool stash?!

Have fun! Take care!