Start at the Start

This is a look back to the beginning of my journey creating "Armagh". 

I started getting some inspirations from the internet, I knew I wanted a Celtic knotwork design and if possible one that had a link to County Armagh in Ireland. But I learned quickly that Celtic knots tended to not have local meanings but more generic meanings like love, eternity, friendship. So when I came across a photograph of the central aisle in a Cathedral... in County Armagh, I was a very happy camper.

Here's a great shot of the aisle

This is a better photo of the design I had a "Vision" for

Thanks to Mr Photoshop I stretched it out to what I thought it might look like in real life

From here I started to trace the design and then put it all together

 I coloured it all in first to try and get a feel for the balance of the whole picture. The choice of a half and half binding colour only came towards the very end of the whole project once I'd quilted it and had started looking for different binding fabrics.

So thats it for now!  Watch this space for the next installment!




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