We're gonna party like its 1999 - My first giveaway!

As I'm writing this, I'm 16 away from hitting my 2000th visitor (or 2000 page refreshes!)
This is very exciting, I love looking over my blog stats to see how many people visit and where you are all from.

To celebrate my 2000 (ish) visitor mark I'm going to try out my first ever GIVEAWAY! 

Leave me a comment telling me either where you live or where you are (originally) from and why you love it!
The winner will be chosen at random and will get a wee gift package (below) *hopefully* arriving just in time for Christmas. I will count all the entries this time next week! So go for it!

(one entry per person)

Me, you ask? where am I from, why do I love it??
Well..  I was born in Carnarvon, Australia (go on look it up on Google Maps, I'll wait!) but when just a babe, I came to NZ, I was brought up in South Auckland and its in and around there I have lived since. My Dads side of the Family is Dutch, my Mums side is Irish and I married an Englishman :) I love South Auckland because it is full of culture and beautiful beaches (that I dont visit nearly enough) and mainly because it is a geological playground. Auckland is a sleeping Volcanic field, too young to be classified extinct, but young enough to showcase the evidence of some of earth's most awesome potential.

This giveaway is open to anyone.. Pass it on!

(empty coffee cup not included!)


  1. I'm from Oswego NY. It's a small town right on Lake Ontario. I love it b/c in the fall, the changing of the leaves is just beautiful!


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