Countdown to New Years

I hope everyone has has a great break so far, New Years eve is almost upon us! Bring on 2012!

Today has been quite exciting already, I have just got my Pinterest account accepted! So check me out! I've begun to pop a few pics up there of my quilts, it seems a lot more fun to use than Tumblr was so we'll see if this one makes the cut! :)

Yesterday I tried out Sharon Shambers quilt basting technique using two planks of wood that I shared recently

It worked fairly well! I think I need a bit more practice, the batik fabric was a little slippy to get the rolling started, but the "hand basting while sitting at a table" well that is just fantastic, it may take a little longer, but with no back ache and a better result, there's no competition!

Even when I taped to some tables and pin basted over them I would rush because my back would get so sore, now I can work in sections and not take up half as much space either.

Pics to come after Feb  :)  unfortunately they give a little bit too much away of the blanket!

Next stop.. Quilting the Quilt!

And what better pic to leave you with seeing as I cant show you anything today...

:) its not like you couldnt guess...

My Fav Eagle

Ladies and Gentlemen,  Mr Timothy B Schmit  ... yay whoop whoop clap clap

Take care over New Years!


  1. Oh! I'm so glad you mentioned that method again!

    I was talking to my husband about it, and it sounds very doable to hand baste at a table to avoid back pain, quilt wings, and inevitable pet hair floating onto the quilt.

    Did you use DMC tatting floss? I was a little unsure about that part.


  2. Hi :) I only had a coloured 'weird' brand of embroidery thread I didnt recognise the name of, seeing as Sharon said to be careful about the brand and colour bleeding I used my 50wt Aurifil thread instead. It worked great, especially through my heat n bond lite backed applique. She mentioned it might be a bit slippy not being the fuzzy tatting threat, but so far so good.

    The only part of me that suffered slightly were my fingertips, I have one thimble(but its a little small), but I might invest in some better finger tip grips.

    As for the back pain, nothing.. only when getting the rolling started at the beginning because you have to be standing, (husbands may be needed for this part!) after that you can pretty much sit down and take it as slow as you like.


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