Happy New Years Eve

Just a quick hi and hello before the new years eve celebrations get *really* going!

I'm off for a crafty afternoon :) and a movie or two! I need to make a pouch for my new nook (still over the moon about this one)

Progress on the current quilt is going well tho, I laid the foundation stitching down yesterday (stitch in the ditch styles) so its ready for the real deal free motion quilting.

I'm going to be doing some feathers in the border!! I'm quite excited about this, I've been practicing my feathers on paper, and have been figuring out the whole corner situation.

This was my pic from a couple of posts before, tho squashed onto my paper, the anatomy of the feather is there, I just have to lay out the quilt and see where the natural stops and starts to the feathers should be. I dont like the idea of a never ending feather, so mine will butt up against each other.

I figure that I'll only mark the spine, the vertical stop and start locations, and the diagonal corner bisector, those should be the markers I need to free motion the feathers as long as I have those indicators to go by.

So that is whats going through my head, I still need to spend time drawing feathers so I can automate the ol brain into knowing instinctively what to do when the needle hits the fabric. But this is the cramming/study before the exam. 

I might get back into sketching at some point, I've enjoyed wrestling with the cartridge paper again, but there are so many quilts to make and so little time!

Oh and look what I got for Christmas!

*cue 2001 a space odyssey music*

Aurifil thread .. each one has 6000 yards!

 next to the "medium" spool

I'm off to spotlight in a bit but have yourself a great New Years!

take care


  1. Have a wonderful New Year. I enjoy reading your blogs.Linda W


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