It must be close to Christmas!

Hi Everyone,

One more week to go! O M G soo not organised.

But at least today has been good on the crafty front

I've been preparing my brain for some quilting...

Thanks to Wendy at Ivory Spring, I've been once again trying to glean some of her quilting mojo

I think the key is practice practice practice! so, over and over, I'm sketching the feathers (below).. so it becomes second nature, wish me luck and I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Then I went up to Mitre 10 Mega and bought two 1.8m length pieces of timber.. for what? well..  take a look at these vids, I'm going to give this a go because I didn't do wonderfully the last time I tried pin basting using tape and tables, "Okay" but not great. I have a niggly back so anything I can do to raise the quilt off the ground for this process and make it more comfortable sounds good to me! Again, watch this space and I'll let you know how it went!

Thanks Sharon Schamber!


the Sharon Schamber Network actually have a better version of her original tutorial!

No more pink on pink fabric! yay

check this on out instead of the latter two vids

New (better) video

Older video: Part 1

Older video: Part 2

Take care