Thanks Sharon

Hi again, 

I have found some photos that are fairly anonymous, and don't show anything I haven't shown before!  

This is the Sharon Shamber quilt basting method that I had a go at the other day, I did this in an afternoon/evening, and had several breaks in between.

I will rave about this again .. no back pain!

something to look out for tho, all my applique (backed with heat n bond light) was towards the middle of the quilt top. this meant that it was thicker in the middle of the plank of wood whilst rolling it up, making it flare a little once I got to the end

I unrolled it to halfway and rolled up again with a bit more assertiveness and most of that went away

All in all after my first try, this is the best so far, less stress, less soreness
And flat backing fabric, no puckers first time!
(well, we'll see when I get quilting, but waaay better than pin/taping... no tears!)

I like this technique, mainly because there is no guessing if the backing and batting are flat, you know they are, you're checking them every 16 inches or so.

Anywho :) I hope these pics help show you what I did.

Check out my other page again for the link to the youtube, I just wish she hadn't used fucia on fucia fabric  for her tutorial!! 

The Quilt Top and Backing, all aligned (otherwise known as wrestling with for 10mins)
Ready for rolling

Rolled and ready to go!

Some awesome herringbone stitching there!

Through the Heat n Bond Lite Applique.. not impossible, but defn a "take a breath and just do it" moment!



  1. Thank you for taking the time to post pictures and details!

    I can't wait to try this, hopefully this weekend!


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