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Lined Bag with Zipper

We've just had a long weekend up here in Auckland its our City's anniversary, and we roll into another long weekend this coming weekend for Waitangi Day, essentially our country's anniversary. 
I was a great weekend, my brother has started as a farmers helper in a farm in South Auckland and he's loving it, which is great to see, we went to visit him at his new place and took some Hells Pizza's with us for lunch.
On Monday I managed to get into my sewing room (yay!) DH had asked "can you make a bag for *this*" , well, of course I could have done something real simple, and he did, he said "it doesn't have to be anything flash" .. he saw that look in my eyes.
pfft.. simple.. noo, we can't have that!
So I put on some CSI episodes and came up with this Space Invaders bag, I'm really happy with how it turned out, it did take a while to make but it definately suits him!  keep scrolling down to find out what it is hiding inside!

This years challenge

So I was checking my Google Reader catching up on all the cool quilting blogs out there and came across A Little Bit Biased where she is showing her first blocks from this book.

In the 1920s a magazine asked for letters from housewives, they asked the question "Would you want your daughter to marry a farmer?"
This book compiles those letters and also shows intructions on how to make 111 traditional quilt blocks that were inspired by those letters.
This is great timing as I'm wanting to learn/do some traditional angular piecing purely because I don't really know how. I mean I know how, in theory, but in practice.. well, I've had little practice.
So thanks to Mighty Ape, it should be swiftly on its way for me to start a new adventure in piecing!
Watch this space!

Kona or Bella?.. that is the question

Kona or Bella solids??
Any thoughts??

Kona is cheaper.. any reason?

I'm just spending some time perusing the Fat Quarter Shop website picking my fav jelly rolls. So many awesome prints and designs! Yummy!
Would you believe its cheaper to buy from the US than to buy locally in NZ (even with shipping) .. and you wonder why we all have a high carbon footprint!
We're in the middle of putting up some new curtains, will post some photos when its all done. THEN I have to clean my sewing room. I have so many projects I want to start/finish!
Have a good weekend!

New Lounge

Hi everyone!
Here is a photo of our new lounge suite! Woo Hoo!
2 x 2 seater couches all recline and an "occasional" seat
We got everything from shops around the Manukau Supa Centre

No crafty things to report today. Worky work work and more work.
Off to have dinner
Take care

Giveaway alert!

Hi everyone..

Go and check out the blog : Samelia's Mum she has a fantastic list of giveaways, not only is it her birthday .. "Happy Birthday!", but its also her 500th blog post! WOW

This is the fantastic layer cake she is giving away!!  click the image below to get to her shop!!

Aurifil Competition - Vote for me please!

Hi everyone,

I have entered into a competition to win some Aurifil thread.

I entered my recently completed "Gaia" .. fingers crossed.. but just a bit of fun really!

VISIT THIS LINK to add your vote.

Sorry, also I forgot to mention, it is a facebook competition...!! 

Please pass it on!

Thanks for your support!


Free Motion Feathers

I have just uploaded my first You Tube video! Its very exciting.

I taped my first attempt at free motion feathers on my domestic machine (Brother PQ1500s) and have shared it with the world  (omgoodness!)

All the fmq on this quilt was done with Aurifil 50/2, loved it! great for a beginner feather-er. No breaks and hardly any fluff!

I hope you enjoy it, and don't get too sea-sick! as I dont have a proper tripod system set up (yet)

Before you get to see the video, I wanted to let you know our new sofa's have arrived, once we get it all set up I'll post some picks.. they are awesome!

The weather here is having trouble deciding, one minute Martha, the other Arthur.. we've been running in and out all day rescuing washing.

So I've rambled on enough!? okay   :)

Here is my video!  (watch it on You Tube to see it a bit bigger)


Nancy Zieman Blog Tour Tablet Keeper

Have you heard!?  Theres a 20 day January Blog Hop going on, I missed the first few days, and will catch up tonight.. but go to this link and start hopping!

Nancy sent out her Tablet Cover packs to some wonderful ladies and now every day for 20 days in January we get to visit them and see what they came up with!
Today is one of my fav Aurifil ladies Pat Sloan! whoop whoop! (as she would say!)

Meet Gaia

It all happened quite quickly, my Aunt was up from Christchurch, and there was a chance we would briefly see her before she went back, so I had a window of opportunity to give her gift to her tonight, which also means I can now share it with you all seeing as there is no risk of ruining the surprise!
So here she is, "Gaia"
There are a few pics of the process and then the final product, I hope you enjoy it. It was a really great creative journey for me too, and the first time I have done free motion feathers, so that was a big step for me.
ALL quilting was done with Aurifil 50/2 LOVED it.. so easy, no breakages and no stress for a first time FM featherer. The applique was Gutterman, purely because I have so many more colours I have to use up.
I liked the Sharon Shamber basting method, though there was a LOT of fluff brought through the holes when the thread was pulled out. But it was a lot better on my back, I'll be sticking with it for a while.
I need to look at differe…

Done and done

Today I have FINISHED my quilt! I can breathe out now.. and in plenty of time too.

My next task is to clean up my sewing room (eeek) and put up some new shelves so I can see more of my fabric, I read that if you can see your stash you are more likely to use it.. I'm in dire need to use up my fabric stash, it is just getting silly now.

Now next year, I'm thinking of re-joining the Quilt Guild, there is this one in Auckland, its probably one of the biggest in NZ (just guessing), Its big enough that I can wander around without being signed up to anything while having the library and the exposure to other quilts for inspiration and a yearly competition if you feel that way inclined, there is one due for April with the theme of "Double" so goodness knows what they were thinking, but even if I went to the first meeting of the year in Feb I'd only have two months to make something up from scratch.. hmm.. still not quite sure

I still have to settle on a name for the qui…


Seeing as I'm still on Holidays and trying not to think of my pending "back to work" date, I've been seeing where t'internet could take me. So doing a few "googles" of some quilt ideas I came across this guy Ben Venom - Heavy Metal Quilt Artist.

This thing is HUGE, it is 155" wide and 175" high! and made from what I can only guess is hundreds of metal t-shirts! Now I'm not going to start cutting up my Iron Maiden tees but I defn have an Eddie quilt up my sleeve in the future. It will happen!

Take care!

Hi 2012

Hi everyone,

I hope your New Years celebrations went well!  I was making crochet flowers and watching movies and having chocolate fondue so I had a great time.

Today after a bit of a manditory sleep in we went out to an Irish pub for lunch and I've finished the day off with my first ever attempt at free motion quilting feathers!! yeah!  I've done one feather.. three more to go.. they'll be  freakin big feathers (4 total for the large border) but they are just what I had in my head.

Here is a wee peek at the results:

The front
The back
And yes these photos are the good parts.. there are parts where I didn't do brilliantly, but I'm really happy none-the-less, by the time I finish them they will be fab!
My last piece of news for the day is the package that arrived yesterday, my new years eve gift to myself:
Yay Aurifil!

Take care