Done and done

Today I have FINISHED my quilt! I can breathe out now.. and in plenty of time too.

My next task is to clean up my sewing room (eeek) and put up some new shelves so I can see more of my fabric, I read that if you can see your stash you are more likely to use it.. I'm in dire need to use up my fabric stash, it is just getting silly now.

Now next year, I'm thinking of re-joining the Quilt Guild, there is this one in Auckland, its probably one of the biggest in NZ (just guessing), Its big enough that I can wander around without being signed up to anything while having the library and the exposure to other quilts for inspiration and a yearly competition if you feel that way inclined, there is one due for April with the theme of "Double" so goodness knows what they were thinking, but even if I went to the first meeting of the year in Feb I'd only have two months to make something up from scratch.. hmm.. still not quite sure

I still have to settle on a name for the quilt I have just finished, I've got a couple rattling around in my head, but once I know... you'll know :)

Take care


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