Free Motion Feathers

I have just uploaded my first You Tube video! Its very exciting.

I taped my first attempt at free motion feathers on my domestic machine (Brother PQ1500s) and have shared it with the world  (omgoodness!)

All the fmq on this quilt was done with Aurifil 50/2, loved it! great for a beginner feather-er. No breaks and hardly any fluff!

I hope you enjoy it, and don't get too sea-sick! as I dont have a proper tripod system set up (yet)

Before you get to see the video, I wanted to let you know our new sofa's have arrived, once we get it all set up I'll post some picks.. they are awesome!

The weather here is having trouble deciding, one minute Martha, the other Arthur.. we've been running in and out all day rescuing washing.

So I've rambled on enough!? okay   :)

Here is my video!  (watch it on You Tube to see it a bit bigger)



  1. Yay!!!!! Mel....watched the whole thing and you did a great job. I'm no where near doing that large of a piece...good for you!!


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