Hi 2012

Hi everyone,

I hope your New Years celebrations went well!  I was making crochet flowers and watching movies and having chocolate fondue so I had a great time.

Today after a bit of a manditory sleep in we went out to an Irish pub for lunch and I've finished the day off with my first ever attempt at free motion quilting feathers!! yeah!  I've done one feather.. three more to go.. they'll be  freakin big feathers (4 total for the large border) but they are just what I had in my head.

Here is a wee peek at the results:

The front

The back

And yes these photos are the good parts.. there are parts where I didn't do brilliantly, but I'm really happy none-the-less, by the time I finish them they will be fab!

My last piece of news for the day is the package that arrived yesterday, my new years eve gift to myself:


Yay Aurifil!

Take care